Episode 6: Popular Maidens Hanako And Yamiko!

“Popular maidens…” is a workman-like
episode, funny in concept and execution, but not an all-out ballbuster like “Alone in
the Dark?” Toilet spirit Yamiko is tired of being neglected, both by the students and
by the spirit world’s TV show’s top ten most popular school spirits. So what does she
do to get herself back in the game? She bullies students into using her for their various
bathroom necessities, resulting in many frickin’ odd-looking bumps on the head. When
Haruto investigates, he is kidnapped and his life is put on the line unless Hanako will
accept a challenge from Yamiko to find out who really is the top of the Toilets. What is
the result of such a contest?

Ahem…can we say fan-service, ladies and gents? Yep, fan-service abounds in this
skirmish of the scantily dressed, with the two ladies in various states of undress
throughout the competition, much to Kazumi’s delight. The competition was fairly
witty, with good use of the Red Mantle’s baseball skills (who knew?) and the
Giant’s forward defense abilities.

Where this episode really wins, though, is at the end of the competition, where Yamiko
goes a little bonkers and threatens everybody to love her. It kind of points to what
I’ve been shouting (from the rooftops, ladies and gents, from the rooftops) as the
main reason for the show really working for me: the general sweetness of the characters
and of the show’s whole atmosphere. Yamiko was just too bad-natured for the show, and
thus she was rejected by the students. She didn’t have the requisite niceness.
Rating :B

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