16 Horsepower – Secret South

16hpSecretSouthcoverThere’s a place deep in my bones where 16 Horsepower strikes. They move in like a cancer and cure all at once, making me sick for myself and what I may be capable of (or have done) and opening up a door out of the dark place. They are perhaps the darkest band in America right now that demands to be and can be taken seriously, and their recent progeny, Secret South, is a testament not only to their musical prowess but to their deep conviction. These are sermons from the mouth of hell, black country that finds us all sinners. 16 Horsepower has crafted the finest American album of the year out of the soil of Americana itself. Their mix of condemnation and harsh self-appraisal makes the album at once vociferous and introspective, without a hint of pretension in either.

“you’re thinkin’ when this is all over
we’ll all sit back an’ laugh
well i don’t think so friend ’cause
i done the math
and i ain’t lookin’ to gain any honor
no, no not among you thieves
i’ll be right beside you though
in judgement on my knees”

– David Eugene Edwards, “Clogger”

Rating: A

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