Episode 8: Mysterious Excitement! Conquering Lovers?

Ask for funnier episode, receive funnier episode. Thank you, Don’t Leave Me Alone, Daisy. The appeal of DLMAD is supposed to be the semi-psychotic courtship techniques of Techno, so I guess it’s surprising that an episode that takes place entirely in Hitomi’s room (except for at the end), and where nothing really happens, can be so funny.

Hitomi is sick in bed, and in that amount of time she reevaluates her feelings for Techno, since she’s accepted that she has them. Her friends come over and make fun of her, Techno gives her a medicine that makes her well, she has girlish fantasies about married life with Techno, yatta yatta yatta. Since there’s little plot, a recitation of events would be tedious, so let’s just evaluate them, shall we, friends?

Hitomi decides, after a fashion, that she likes Techno, partially because he is, as her friend hilariously points out, an “environmentally created, socially challenged freak.” But again Techno comes on too strong, creating the hyper-dimensional door, forcing his way into her room.

So the episode is sweeter and funnier than much of what has come before…but then when Hitomi and Techno might be close to some sort of understanding, Techno ruins it by accusing Hitomi of being an alien. This sets up the plot for the rest of the series, but it strikes me as a mistake. It provides fuel for the rest of Techno’s bizarre behavior, but I think it makes the series suffer from over-wackiness when it would have been more successful being a little quieter and based in relationships rather than Techno’s sociopathic sadism.
Rating :B+

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