Bill Frisell – Ghost Town

BillFrisell_ghosttownWhen it comes to jazz, I’m something of an idiot, but I know what I like – and Frisell’s mad collection of guitar and banjo tunes is stellar. He does not wank mile-per-minute solos, and he does not use old standards to go off for eight minutes of note shuffling. Frisell plays real songs, and he relies on the strength of compositions as much as he relies on his ability to play. No foolin’, this is jazz guitar you can hum. And Frisell plays everything – the guitars, bass and banjo. When his tracks blend together, (and the general sound is gray electro-blues and backwater country), it is not from monotony, it is because they all work to develop a strong mood. This may not rock or swing, but it moves.

Rating: B+

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