I Dream of Wires and Nine Inch Nails (Dull Titles, Too)

Don’t you love modular synths?

Most people’s answer to that question is…huh? Followed by a…what?

You know. Like this:


All big and wirey, with patches that take hours to create, and then you can’t save them so your chance of ever making the same musical sound again is just about zero?

Maybe it’s too muso a subject, but even if you don’t have the synth-love, you probably like some music that has blips and bloops and moogy-basses. I Dream of Wires is an extensive documentary just for you. There’s a hardcore edition over 4 hours long, and is very nerdy:


And if four hours of people who use electricity to make their music isn’t enough, there are also extended interviews with some of the subjects on the webzone.

Here’s one with Trent Reznor:

Jack and I went to see NIN this winter at the Staples Center. Ninety minutes of the concert is online in video form:

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