Hey! I Used to Write For This Site


Well, the old typewriter’s getting antsy, so I’m breaking it out again. How about a list? Everyone loves lists!

A list of things I have to say (buzz-feed ready):

  1. Hannibal Season 3 and True Detective Season 2 aren’t what they should be. They aren’t the worst things in the world (I don’t care if it’s how you make money on the intarwebs, I refuse to be a strictly binary thinker), but they’re very disappointing, and it’s worth thinking about why.
  2. Big Criterion sale at Barnes and Noble! I’m a helluva lot better at buying these things than watching them, but don’t let that stop you. Waste money! Blu-rays are awesome! And God knows how long Barnes and Noble will be around to keep doing these semi-annual sales. I bought the Zatoichi box set last time. zatoichi-criterion-collection-thumb-300xauto-41163
    Watched any of it yet? NOPE!
  3. Speaking of Criterion, they just announced their releases for October, and at least three of them are awesome movies:

33227_front 68150_front 64495_front
Full specs here at blu-ray.com.

No commentary on The Brood (too bad – DC gives great commentary), but some new docs which I always love.

Mulholland Drive I’m especially looking forward to. In the DVD release, David Lynch censored Laura Harring’s lady nethers. Let’s hope when they say restored, they mean restored video.

Also, a couple other movies. One’s gay, one’s Italian. You pick which is which.

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