2016 of Kent

Movie watched: 111

In theaters: 2

From 2016: 4

Books read (not counting graphic novels): 32

On audiobook: 27 (I’ve forgotten how to read)

Albums bought: too many (vinyl addict)

Albums listened to: very few

Favorite album:


Besides Bowie, I mean:


Air, Astronoid

3 Best looking vinyl I bought:

Air, Astronoid

astronoidaircover astronoidarrecord


Dan Terminus

danterminusrecord danterminuscover

Altered States

alteredstatesrecord alteredstatescover

Favorite Books:

Dresden Files (read 13 this year)

Inherit the Stars

Best TV:

Gravity Falls


Better Call Saul

That’s it.

Thing to think about:

If 2016 was your “WORST YEAR EVER”, and you’re still healthy and have family, then that’s stupid. Whatever is good or bad about your year, it’s up to you, not the outside world. Own your shit.

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