More Bowie, All the Time… Sometimes

This live set was available with initial copies of Bowie at the Beeb (which I still have my copy, including the mis-master with the same two versions of Ziggy Stardust on disc two, which are supposed to be from different sessions. Fascinating, huh?)

Anyway, this was shortly after his split with Reeves Gabrels, who wasn’t crazy about the Neo-classical style that David Bowie was going for, thinking it was too backward looking. Earl Slick performs the Gabrels guitar here, as he would in Bowie’s touring band for I think the rest of his life.

David Bowie 2017 is a BBC initiative involving a bunch of new material about Bowie. I’ve been sampling some and while it’s seemingly impossible to do one of these without spending the entire introduction telling me how wonderful DB was. I know that already, and the more you have to tell me, the more I start not believing it…
Then I listen to some songs, and I get into that state of Lou Reed perfection, the mindspace known in VU songs as being “all right”. David Bowie would take that, and then make it “out of sight”, and that’s enough babbling.
Here’s some stuff.

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