Federale – All the Colours of the Dark

 A review in texts…
And then I quit texting because of my beer:IMG_0991
And whiskey:IMG_0992
This is cowboy music for the Sphagetti cowboy.
How does it compare to the earlier albums?
I don’t know, I haven’t listened to those yet.
But the sound is genuine hear – the reverbs on the guitar don’t have modern smoothness, the orchestrations have the kitchen sink I-can’t-tell-what-instruments-im-listening-to quality of those cinematic presentations.
The horror of modern music is that it’s impossible to find anything, the heaven is that music follows rule 34 – if you have a particular musical kink, someone’s putting out music for it.
And for a 19 year old me this would have been the perfect album. For current me, I find it acts in a way I enjoy but do not trust – Scott Walker’s work reward multiple listens. This sounds like people taking the surface, and playing off of it. Will it hold up?
I cannot say. But it is, in the moment, the guitar with massive reverb and baritone vocals that I enjoy.
Like post- Birthday Party Nick Cave when it looked like he might have a little fun for once.


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