Episode 3: Love To The Point Of Possession

A more plot-driven episode, “Love to the Point of
Possession” focuses on Kazumi, and his ability to be possessed. While running to get
in the door at school before the bell rings, Kazumi runs into a lovely young spirit who
asks if he could do her one simple favor – let her possess him so that she could
spend one final evening with the love of her life. This, of course, does not sit well with
Kazumi, who struggles mightily throughout to protect his virginity. Through the
revelations of the poor girl1s past and her imminent demise, this ends up being one
of the more melancholy episodes of the show’s run.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a number of funny moments, or that the show
gives up any of its trademark zaniness. However, they don’t stand out as much against
the sad story of the innocent young girl that stands at the episode’s center. Most of
the episode’s conflict centers around Kazumi’s reticence to…ahem…”give himself” to the young man in question, despite Mutsuki’s insistence.
This, I think, is where the show makes a bit of a misstep. Sure, Mutsuki’s Shouta
complex is good for a laugh, but when it leads her to actively fighting against one of her
fellow council members (in this case, trying to force Kazumi to engage in relations with
another man) it loses its affable tawdriness and becomes a bit mean-spirited.

In the end, when everything turns out just about right (and we all knew it
would…), the show retains the sweetness and friendliness that is central to its
success in my eyes – especially in the character of the young spirit girl. Her
unwillingness to make Kazumi do anything that he really didn’t want to, and her
friendliness even in the face of her own permanent demise really makes you pull for her,
even if you don’t really want Kazumi to go all yaoi on you.

We eventually find out that the young girl’s name is Hanako, which
influences Kazumi’s decision to help her out. This leads me to a big question I have
for the whole series: What the hell is the deal with Miss Hanako? Is there some
cultural significance to this whole Miss Hanako thing? And why is she some sort of
bathroom spirit? Frankly, when I’m in a public bathroom I’m not looking for
attractive, young, scantily dressed women to creep out of the woodwork – takes
one’s mind off one’s business. Could somebody enlighten me, please?

Certainly not as hilarious as “School Spirits” or “Alone in
the Dark?,” “Love to the Point of Possession” is a bit of a pleasant
departure from the rest of the show’s run. It doesn’t become a serious show by
any stretch of the imagination – Haruto doesn’t go off on long-winded monologues
complaining about the emotional tortures of existence in Saito High – but it adds a
touch of bitter to the show’s sarcastic sweetness that goes down really smooth. Did I
just mix a ton of metaphors? Oh well…
Rating :B

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