George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass

“Jabberwock II”

The stuff of lovely generosity — so like pale raven George, step inside the rococo Church of Spector and be emboldened (or at least lost in the maze).

The game, be you the Lord or Doe:
1) Nail to outer door, “The Pope owns 51% of General Motors/And the Stock Exchange is the only thing he’s qualified to quote us.”

2) Find the ex-Beatle chess piece, upstairs and down olde corridors, by the burning of his midnight lamp. Dust him.

3) Microphone ‘n’ inner-light: the rise-to-the-rafters hosanna service.

4) Abide till the gargoyle bogies rapping the outer door (excess, preachy, cynical, and esoteric — namely), fold for fear of dawn.

5) Blow out, plug out, open up, hail new day sun, tear down lyric. If George not there…

6) Faith is passed. Go back, start over.

Rating: A-

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