The Stooges – The Stooges

stoogesOriginal “punk.” Tatty, torpid mugs, and the methodically skewed guitar crunch and oil drum they’d rather keep as evocatively nude and elucidated as the titles themselves. Injection kid, tw-Iggy Pop, and the motorstate chain gang from Rock ‘n’ Roll High School get bed-wet and expelled: Don’t wanna learn no prog, so they do it their way — primal untaught, but still taut and “No Fun”; b-b-b-boner-think-on-the-brink, pushed back, not over, by Cale’s sleek, too-defined production. And his violameister’s influence on “We Will Fall,” the practically unlistenable ouija board creak, is a chink in the album’s animal-trash hook. Not as downright spry as later efforts.

Rating: A

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