Episode 2: Our First Field Trip! My Feelings For Her? Atomic!

Techno’s affections for Hitomi get even weirder in this episode. The school goes on a field trip (which is almost forestalled by a rain storm that Techno zaps out of the sky), the teacher gets replaced by an insane robot that shoots laser beams out of her eyes and explodes, and Techno’s buddy Mimi hangs out with the class, despite her dangerous radiation levels and thermonuclear predilection towards exploding.

There’s just not a lot of plot to this show, folks: Each episode is a little slice of life turned weird by Techno’s bizarre perspective, and that’s where most of its humor derives from. And so, anything worthwhile in each episode are little moments, particularly Techno’s dating via the scientific method. He’s not trying to get Hitomi to like him – he expects she already must, since he likes her. And he relates to her in the way he relates to everything: through science, which just isn’t very friendly.

The best part of this episode, though, is Yamakawa X. He’s so desperate to be a rebel, and so clueless and insincere in how he goes about it, that you start feeling for the idiot. He wants so to be weird, but next to a complete whack-ass like Techno he just can’t compete. So he does what anyone would: he tries to force himself to throw up on the bus, so no one will like him. I think his character is a fun counterpoint to the rest of the series, since he tries and completely fails to be everything (a weirdo, an outcast) that Techno comes by naturally.
Rating :B-

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