Dead Can Dance – Dead Can Dance

Dead_Can_Dance_albumThis album is a surprise in two ways. First, it’s kind of dated – a trait missing from the rest of their work. Second, the music is beautiful, right from the start. Of its time, yes, because the album derives more from other bands than it does historical folk music. The atmosphere cops the Joy Division style (as did many in the early 80s), but without the sonic genius of producer Martin Harnett. Still, we can appreciate the launching pad for what it is – a place from which the band would find its own deeply unique voice. Here, we get it in bits and pieces, and fully formed on “Ocean” and “Musica Eternal” – pulsing rhythms made transcendent by Lisa Gerrard’s soaring voice. Dead Can Dance is noisier than most of the latter-day fans might like, but it’s a worthy album just the same.
Rating: B

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