Episode 7: Run

“Scroll II,” the previous episode, stopped in the middle of a truly excellent fight, and seemed to be moving the series closer to its inherent mystery: what is the nature of Key? Tokiko heals a little boy, has super-human powers and may be a robot, and apparently is supplied by a power-source Ajo Heavy Industries requires (or is really an abused little girl with almost no connection to reality.) None of these questions come any closer to being answered in “Run,” a bridging episode that deepens the mysteries and peculiarities of the previous episodes without much in the way of enlightenment.

Key‘s cast of characters is thankfully small, but everyone seems to get their own in this episode, whether it adds interest or not. Ajo hangs out with the robot Miho, fondles her breasts and slices her open. Why? Because Ajo’s a sicky. Tataki and Sakura worry about Key, have inconclusive conversations, realize they’re on the tip of an iceberg but refuse Wakagi’s advice to get off. In the end, Sakura decides to fully commit herself to Key’s well-being, instead of hoping she’ll just go away. Pieces have been moved into place for the second third of the series. Which is fine. But when every scene in the episode is a continuation (the fight in the church, the scientists monitoring the situation) or a rehash (Ajo going crazy for robo-flesh, Key remotely controlling a PPOR and getting all brown-haired)…or expository dialogue on the way a creator imprints on his creation…

In short, better than a clip show, with more of the previous episode’s well-choreographed violence and action, but on its own only of mild use.
Rating :C+

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