Disasterpeace – Fez

fezDisasterpeace composed the soundtrack to this year’s breakout horror film, It Follows.  His score honors the golden age of horror synth soundtracks by breathing fresh life into the sound (much like the movie itself takes off from, and adds to, an era of horror I remember fondly).  Fez is a soundtrack to a video game I know almost nothing about; but, with the same spirit that fills the score for It Follows, the soundtrack pays tribute to the chiptune-like music I heard on all those Nintendo and Atari video games growing up.  Retrofuturistic electronica is the term for such music, I suppose.  And, as it melds synth cheese with a balmy, Eno-worthy sense of wonder, Fez does the term proud.  It’s fun, haunting, and generous, the kind of background music that steps into the foreground melodiously enough to make you admire its beauty.

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